Dan Wilkinson


Dan Wilkinson’s latest work explores the physical and spiritual energy of the land. Wilkinson works from a studio on Wellington’s rugged South Coast; he says this inspirational landscape is notable in his new work: “I am interested in stripping back the land and capturing what is unseen, what makes it so powerful.” Capturing the essence of his surroundings has lead to a more specific passion for the islands of New Zealand & the stories of the land.

Dan has been exhibiting in New Zealand for 11 years, and has been involved in numerous solo & group shows. He graduated from Wellington’s international school of art & creativity ‘The Learning Connexion’ in 1999. Since then he has held a teaching position specialising in drawing, which allows people to become aware of themselves & their surroundings.

“I find it inspires my own practice, being surrounded by such diverse, free thinking people”

Wilkinson’s latest works also reflect his vision for a free flowing sustainable society. He believes flow is a huge determination to a societies well being & development, building strong positive communities, will allow future generations to thrive & move forward.
“If you look at the recent success of our local music scene, you can see the way we are growing & building a positive outlook for our future, as a combined culture”

“ We are creating our own language of expression, something that I am trying to do with the art that I create”